100% Happiness?

Some people might call it perfectionism, but if I look at my day and see 98% happiness, I think, “what happened to the other 2%?”

Okay, that is perfectionism and it’s unhealthy, but this is no joke. I need to know if it is necessary to be at least a little bit unhappy.

You are bound to be disappointed in life and bad things are the only things that are guaranteed to happen (death and taxes), so getting to 100% happiness seems a little bit unrealistic.

On top of that it could even be insensitive.

A friend of mine once declared to me that all happy people were ignorant – a gross claim that I would not have entertained except for the glint of some intuitive value.

There are so many things going wrong in the world, it is easy to see the person smiling in the rain as a half-wit or maybe even a sociopath.

The question this leaves me with is, if now is an unhappy time, are we waiting for a happier time, and how long shall we wait for?

Waiting for happiness because right now is a socially unacceptable time to be happy implies that happiness is based on what we have and don’t have. It also makes it time sensitive.

This type of happiness makes 100% happiness a scary concept. As we go along semi-helplessly on the roller coaster of happiness and suddenly hit the top, there are only two options: the ride is either over or on its way down.

The other thing about an orientation based happiness is that being 2% short of perfection seems to be a good thing to stay motivated. A little dissatisfaction goes a long way for getting us up in the morning.

It is maybe even essential for life. We should be happy about our unhappiness… uh oh.

Let’s go back a sentence: a little dissatisfaction is good for getting us out of bed in the morning.

What if getting out of bed was motivated by happiness, not for happiness?

The endless list of nice-to-haves, losing 10 pounds, going on vacation, getting a promotion, paying off the car loan, is what makes 100% so difficult to get.

Imagine waking up in the morning and being washed over with a gladness for the day, and holding off on the planning and scheming and thinking until after breakfast at least.

I think the wise ones manage to never plan and scheme. They have no wishes or desires. Happiness is not contingent.

Want steals happiness.

This seems intuitively incorrect. Probably because it is so far away from the hustle we call life. However, as far as I can see, it is the only way to be 100% happy.

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