Warrantied for Life - Camping Gear

Can you imagine pulling out your trusty bin of memory packed camping gear, plying open the screechy camping chairs you’ve had your whole life and grabbing a beer from your ancient cooler?

Probably not, the scene these days is usually a cacophony of cheap plastic junk that you hope lasts the year and certainly will never acquire the warm nostalgic glow you remember from your parents camping gear. It’s no secret, they don’t make it like they used to…

Unless you know where to look.

Here is some camping gear that comes with a lifetime guarantee. (If you don’t trust lifetime warranties, check out this link for some of the rules and laws – they are actually pretty straight forward.):

Lifetime Warranty Cooler

1. Pelican Cooler

Not only will these coolers last a lifetime, they are bear proof and reviews around the internet rate them as the best coolers around. Pelican offers lifetime warranties on luggage, backpacks, and flashlights too.

45QT Elite Cooler approx. $280

2. Fiskars Axe

Fiskars sells a wide array of cutting tools and after an incredible 365 years in business they pretty much know what they are doing. If you still don’t trust them don’t worry, they’ve put their lifetime warranty on paper.

23.5” x15 Chopping Axe approx. $45

Lifetime Warranty Fiskars

3. Duluth Lumber Jack Shirt

Duluth Traders don’t make gear for fakers. If you want a shirt that you can actually go out and chop wood in, look no further. Duluth builds a whole range of apparel that’s guaranteed to satisfy, No Bull.

Men’s Trim Fit Free Swingin’ Flannel Shirt approx. $45

Lifetime Warranty shirt
Lifetime Warranty Binoculars

4. Vortex Binoculars

Vortex offers a lifetime, unconditional, unlimited  VIP guarantee, no matter what the cause. They have a wide range of scopes and binoculars from beginner to pro, to them we are all Very Important People.

Raptor Binoculars approx. $119

5. Klean Kanteen

When you are out in nature you realize how imperative it is that we protect it. Saying no to disposable plastic bottles is a great first step, but how about only buying one more bottle for the rest of your life?


Reflect 18oz approx. $30

Lifetime Warranty Water Bottle
Lifetime Warranty BackPack

6. Jansport Day Pack 

Heading to the beach? Going on a day hike? Jansport has been carrying your stuff for nearly 50 years and isn’t planning on letting you down any time soon. They have a day pack for everyone and they all have lifetime guarantees.

Hatchet Backpack approx. $60

7. Eddie Bauer Sleeping Bag

Another shop for the quality obsessed outdoors man that is nearly 100 years old with a trademarked guarantee. “Every item we sell will give you complete satisfaction or you may return it for a full refund.”

Woodsman 30 Sleeping Bag approx. $134

Lifetime Warranty Sleeping Bag
Lifetime Warranty Cups

8. Tervis Camp Cups

I have good childhood memories of pulling out my special camping cup. It’s funny how the little things get you excited when you are camping. If my cup had a made for life guarantee, I could still have that feeling now!

Clear and Colorful approx. $12

9. Lupine Pet Leash

Even they admit their guaranteed even if chewed policy sounds crazy, but Lupine stands by their leads and collars. Although Spot probably would rather gallivant through the woods, the other campers will thank you!

Medium Dog Originals Adjustable Collar approx. $12 

Lifetime Warranty dog collar

10. Tilley Hat

Tilley was born for the outdoors lover who loves to feel the wind in their hair and the sun on their back, while not getting the sun in their eyes! Guaranteed to last you a lifetime, you can even get these beauties insured against theft and loss!

TTCH1 Tilley Tec-Cool Hat approx. $86

Lifetime Warranty Hat
Lifetime Warranty Tent

11. L.L. Bean Camp Chair/Tent/Camp Stove

L.L. Bean will sell you a backup for basically everything on this list and more. They build stuff to last and say they want to know about if it ever fails. They offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to the original buyer.

Adventure Dome 6-Person Tent $299

12. Osprey Hiking Pack

The Almighty Guarantee – Any Reason, Any Product, Any Era. You’ve got to like this kind of warranty! Osprey will repair any damage or defect for any reason free of charge – whether it was purchased in 1974 or yesterday.

Volt 60 approx. $180

Lifetime Warranty Pack

13. Zippo Lighter

Zippo is a mainstay of any decent lifetime warranty list for good reason. They have trade marked the phrase, “It works or we fix it free”, and they have stood by that guarantee for over 85 years!

The Classic Zippo approx. $25

Lifetime Warranty Lighter
Lifetime Warranty Flahlight

14. SureFire Flash Light

Generally, during the times when you need a flashlight, you really need that flashlight to work, so it is nice to have one that comes with a no hassle-guarantee. One less variable on the dreaded midnight pee!

G2X Tactical approx. $70

15. Darn Tough Hiking Socks

Yep. Socks with a lifetime guarantee. And a no strings attached, unconditional lifetime guarantee no less! Darn Tough makes socks for hiking, skiing, running, walking, and flying… Okay not flying.

Coolmax Micro Crew Cushion approx. $19

Lifetime Warranty Socks
Lifetime Warranty Pocket Knife

16. Buck Knife Pocket Knife

I still remember getting my first pocket knife from my grandpa. It did not come with The Buck Forever Guarantee, but I was pretty pleased with its ability to sharpen marshmallow roasting sticks anyway!

Apex Knife approx. $45

17. Outdoor Research Dry Bag

Outdoor Research makes gear that is for the true outdoors person. Their Infinite Guarantee rests on everything they sell. “Our products are guaranteed forever, and your total satisfaction with our product is our goal.”

Duck Tape 25L Dry Bag approx. $44

Lifetime Warranty Dry Bag
Lifetime Warranty Reel

18. Ross Fly Fishing Reel

Ross Reels are made in the USA and are as beautiful as they are tough, and since 1973 they have and always will stand by the quality their products. Oh, the sweet memories you will make together!

Ross Rapid approx. $100

19. Hammacher and Schlemmer Lawn Darts

If you can imagine it, it appears Hammer and Schlemmer can imagine it with a Lifetime Warranty. Their website actually has a hovercraft golf cart for sale, and these lawn darts have LEDs in them!

The Brightest Lawn Dart Set approx. $50

Lifetime Warranty Lawn Darts
Lifetime Warranty Flask

20. Filson Flask

Next year Filson will celebrate its 120th birthday. Why not celebrate with them while you kick back under the stars? Filson sells a variety of ultra classy outdoor ‘Unfailing Goods’.

Flask approx. $78

21. Davek Umbrella

I once received an umbrella as a gift and tossed it in with my camping gear thinking I wouldn’t use it. Now I think an umbrella is essential camping gear! Davek has an all weather, unconditional guarantee!

The Davek Traveller approx. $89

Lifetime Warranty umbrella

If you think I put in the umbrella because I was trying to stretch out this list, think again. There is also the Esee Machete, CamelBak Hydration Backpack, and Craftsman hand tools!

How do I know about all these lifetime warranties? I am trying to ignite the Conscious Consumer Movement and do tons of product sustainability research. I have catalogued hundreds of sustainable businesses and products and made them easily searchable at the Buy Better Mall.

Each product picture is the property of the respective company. 

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