Step out of the rush.

Take control.

This is simple and easy. We pay attention to what we buy and to what we throw away. It improves our lives, and the world becomes stronger, healthier and more just. We are not consumed.

The Conscious Consumer Movement

It’s already begun,

There are hundreds of blogs about minimalism, sustainable shopping, and zero-waste with millions of followers. Conscious Consumerism is a small nudge and a bit of organization from becoming a world changing social norm.

Let’s talk about you,

Being conscious of what you buy and waste is a powerful way to free yourself and feel lighter and healthier. Being conscious consumers is about taking control.

How can I help?

What will it take for consciousness to catch on? I want to hear your ideas, what you are doing, and how I can help. Join us and stay in touch with the top thinkers in sustainable shopping, minimalism, and zero waste.

Featured Conscious Lifestyle Writers

Sustainable Shopping

Buy Better Mall

Greg has a dream of making conscious consumerism the social norm. He has built a searchable and filterable database of stores to help everyone be conscious.

AmyAnn Cadwell Blake Cadwell The GOod Trade

buy better mall

AmyAnn and Blake search out social enterprises and put them into easy to follow lists of products, from fairtrade jeans to ethical lingerie, they have you  covered.

Buy Better Mall Hannah

Life Style Justice

Hannah started the Ethical Bloggers Network, a community of  blogs on sustainable fashion. Her list of ethical businesses makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Abigail FreeState Buy Better Mall


Abigail found it frustrating to try and shop ethically and decided to do something about it. She adds more businesses to her list of ethical stores every week.

Zero Waste

trash is for tossers buy better mall

Trash is for Tossers Lauren SInger

Lauren Singer is a leader amongst zero waste advocates. You will find at least one garbage source you can eliminate by checking her list of Zero Waste Alternatives.

Screenshot (35)

Going Zero Waste

Kathryn’s zero waste journey is barely a year old, so if you want to get started with a newbie this is a great blog. It seems like most people’s main challenge is food stickers!

chloe-lepeltier-portrait-consciousbychloe (2)


Chloe is a world traveler who is currently residing in Portland, Oregon. Right now she is putting on zero waste challenges!

bea portrait

ZWH Header test high

Bea is an international speaker, an acclaimed author, and a zero waste guru. She is working on a web app to help people find their nearest bulk food store.


Joshua Becker Becoming MInimalist

Becoming Minimalist

Joshua Becker writes for hundreds of thousands of readers with the noble goal of inspiring everyone to follow their passions and not to be held back by piles of possessions.

Rachel Intentionally Simple Buy Better Mall

Rachel intentionally simple buy better mall

Rachel writes books and a blog and is a homeschooling mother of three. Are you curious how she manages to call her life simple? Do you agree that, “Life is too short to be busy?”

Francine Jay Miss Minimalist Buy Better Mall

Miss Minimalist

Francine Jay has decided that stuff was getting in the way of her dreams, and she wrote a book about it. That book has helped over 150, 000 focus their lives on what is important.

Minimalist Student Jessica Dang


Jessica became a minimalist out of the desire to have the best life possible, and that does not involve loads of stuff. She has started her bucket list already!

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