23 Degrees Roastery

Specializes in coffee.

African Bronze Honey Project

african bronze honey project buy better mall

Honey and Honey Products

Alter Eco

Alter Eco - Buy Better Mall

Chocolates, Truffles, Quinoa, Rice, Sugar

Back to the Roots

Grow-it-yourself Food Kits

Bamboo Sushi

bamboo sushi buy better mall

Sushi Restaurant in Portland


beau's buy better mall

Beer, Beer Accessories, and Condiments

Ben & Jerry’s

ben and jerry's buy beter mall

Fairtrade, a B-Corp and Scrumptious

(c)3 Wines

Napa Philanthropic Wine

Catching A Fish In Norway

Cafin buy better mall

Art, Sweaters, Long-Sleeve Tees, and T-shirts


deebee's buy better mall

Frozen Tea Ice-pops

Distribution Solidaire

distribution solidaire buy better mall

Hot Drinks, Scarves, Toques, Jewellery

EcoFair Trading

ecofair trading buy better mall

Specializes in Fairtrade Products

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