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Entry to The Database

One Me One Planet includes stores that fit one or more of the five strict entry criteria. Once a store has been entered they are emailed to see if they want any changes made to their listing. Stores can also enter the mall by filling out the form at the bottom on this page. Please read the criteria first to make sure you are eligible for entry.

If you are a certified B-Corp and you produce consumer products or are a financial institution, you are allowed immediate entry.

Products with lifetime warranties are allowed immediate entry. The entire product must be warrantied (not just parts), and warranties “for the lifetime of the product” do not qualify. One Me One Planet reserves the right to disqualify stores based on consumer reviews.

Any store that sells previously used consumer goods qualifies for immediate entry.

Stores that sell 100% certified Fair for Life, GOTS, Fair Trade USA, Fairtrade International or Fairmined certified products, or are members of the World Fair Trade Organization or the Fair Trade Federation will be granted immediate entry. Stores that sell some fair trade products, or that trade in a fair manner, may qualify but need to contact before filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

Citizen Companies are purpose driven companies that exist to help solve a problem. Any store applying to be part of the database as a Citizen Company needs to contact or have received an invitation email before filling out the form at the bottom of this page.


Phone(705) 730-4240

Email :

Important Updates : To ensure you are notified about major changes and updates at One Me One Planet enter you email at the bottom of this page.

Store Information

The following image and information will help both the existing stores in the database and potential stores understand the type of information we provide to consumers.

Please read the information carefully as it corresponds to the form below. Current stores can use the form to request changes to their page or they can email

If you are a store owner you can fill out the form and your store will be entered into the database within one week (you must fit the entry criteria).

Make sure your name is correct.

Make sure your logo is current and big enough.

Ensure the link takes customers to the page you want them to see first.

60-80 word description of your business. (Existing stores may submit their own copy or request edits to the provided copy.)

The excerpt is very important. It is the 5 word describer that differentiates your store from the other stores on the filtering page. (absolute 5 word maximum)

This is the products you sell. It is a set list. If your product is not in the list please select Other. This reflects how The Mall’s filters find your store.

Your company’s base country, as well as the places you ship to, or a link to a page where people can find this information.

Prices can be : Bargain, Bargain to Middle, Middle, Middle to Classy, Classy, or Bargain to Classy. This is also reflected in the search filters.

The first line of this section reflects the criteria that gained you entry to the mall. After that you may talk about or link to other things you are doing to be better.

Learn more about the mall and its filters and read disclaimer here.

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