I like to think of myself as the No Name Oatmeal cookie. The gem of a cookie that no one tries because the packaging isn’t trying, but once discovered is treasured and shared with friends.

Haha, not really, I just wanted to share my No Name Oatmeal cookie passion with the world, and cookie metaphors are fun. Really, I am a chocolate stuffed Viva Puff, you know the marshmallow and cookie filled chocolate covered wonders of the world that come in the blue package, mostly because I want my name to be Viva Puff.

No, wait. I am my mom’s freshly baked  chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven because if I’ve got to be a cookie, I may as well be the best freakin cookie in town…

Before I continue with what is essentially a list of my favourite cookies, I wanted to share an interesting idea I just learned from Seth Godin’s The Icarus Deception. That is, that all business has become show business.

A cookie is not just a cookie. It is playful happiness, a kickback to Grandma’s kitchen, or a triumphant moment of puffyness! The shiny box, adorable mascot, and miraculous gluten freeness of it all, comes together to add value to each bite.

This value is real. They have attached people to brain scanning machines and told them different stories about the same products and the people received verifiably more pleasure from things that had positive stories attached to them, this Ted Talk explains it all.

Our brains are programmed to categorize things into what we want and don’t want, and when we get things that have been categorized as want we feel better.

I like Godin’s idea of thinking of the marketing world as show business and don’t mind the idea of being entertained by stories while I shop the cookie aisle. However, in entertainment there is always that fine line between being entertained and being lied to.

So, how do we enjoy our natural psychology that is trying so hard to make us happier while not getting tricked into believing stories that aren’t true and ending up quickly disappointed after making a purchase?

We know what kind of cookie we are.

We can enjoy all the stories that products are trying to tell us so long as we are confident in our own story. This saves us from shopping the aisles looking for pieces that we can use to fill the holes in our story, and from the disappointment of learning that those stories aren’t really true.

Unless of course you are looking to feel triumphantly puffy, in all the ways that statement can be taken, then, by all means, go with the Viva Puffs.

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