Beau’s is a handcrafted, award-winning, local, certified organic beer. Brewed in small town Ontario by a family run business, Beau’s takes a high level of pride in their story as well as their product.

Beau’s is committed to both environmental protection and community growth. They believe that “craft beer tastes better when you feel good about drinking it!”

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Beer, Beer Accessories, and Condiments

Food – Alcohol, Other (a growing line of condiments)

Based in Canada. Ships to Ottawa, Canada for $8, shipping for beer is not available for anywhere else, but all of their other products can be shipped across Canada and beyond. You can find Beau’s in beer stores and restaurants in Canada and the USA.

As with all the information in the Mall shipping information is not guaranteed.


B-Corp score = 87. Environmentally Friendly, Socially Responsible, Organic

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