Bikes ORO

We build simple, low maintenance bikes that directly support getting someone else around the world onto a bike.

Currently, we have an “everyday” style bike that is going to be for sale on Indiegogo from March 2016 – June 2016. We’ll then be selling directly to you on our online store.


Socially Conscious Bicycles

Babies and Kids – Toys

Gifts – For him, For her, For kids

Leisure – Sports Equipment, Camping/Outdoor

Based in the USA. Ships to the USA (free shipping within the continental U.S.)

As with all the information in The Mall, shipping information can’t be guaranteed.

Middle to Classy

Price can be rated Bargain, Middle, or Classy.

Citizen Company.

We’re actually an L3C, which is to a B-corporation as an LLC is to a C-corporation.

We work with bike related/mobility causes to help people get access to opportunity. Currently, we’re partnered with World Bicycle Relief, a great nonprofit who’s custom designed bikes that are delivered to people all around the world. They’re assembled in countries, work with local nonprofits to get the bikes to the right people, and have very inclusive programming around training mechanics, etc.

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