(c)3 Wines

(c)3 Wines is a Napa Valley philanthropic wine business that supports nonprofits by passing along ALL of our after tax profits to 501(c)3 organizations.

We are a 100% volunteer run business that is passionate about enhancing the role of charitable organizations.

Our products naturally foster a spirit of togetherness which in turn generates a conscious conversation about the causes our wine supports.

c3 wines

Food – Alcohol

Gifts – For him, For her

Based in the USA. Ships to 34 of the US States. Check here for more shipping details.

As with all the information in The Mall, shipping information can’t be guaranteed.

Middle to Classy

Price can be rated Bargain, Middle, or Classy.

Citizen Company.

We connect the consumer to nonprofits with our unique 100% model, while also providing a high quality wine product that brings people together with a purpose.

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