Didi Bahini

Didi Bahini is one of the more original stores you will ever find. It features centuries of tradition and skill at hand making everything from instruments, to textiles, to jewellery, to body care products.

Browsing Didi Bahini will give you a sense of excitement, like you are exploring Nepal and discovering these treasures for yourself. The prices are fantastic and every dollar helps people in one of the world’s poorest countries.

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Original Instruments, Textiles, Oils, Slippers

Apparel – Women, Men, Jewellery, Accessories

Home – Bags, Décor, Other

Personal Care –  Moisturizer, Soap, Sunscreen, Other

Leisure – Music

Based in Canada. Will ship to other countries.

As with all the information in The Mall, shipping information can’t be guaranteed.

Bargain to Middle

Fairtrade.  Socially Responsible

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