Kijiji is the number one buy/sell/trade company in Canada. They say that Canadians already spend around $30 billion on used goods and that number is growing.

Kijiji has created the Kijiji Second-Hand Economy Index Report which is worth a read if you are interested how buying used can help the economy.

You cannot order anything online from Kijiji. You must arrange an in person transaction with the seller.


Local Interpersonal Buying and Selling.

Apparel – Women, Men, Kids, Babies, Footwear, Sportswear, Underwear, Outerwear, Jewelry, Accessories

Automotive – Cars, Trucks, Motorbikes, Parts, Boats

Babies and Kids – Clothes, Toys, Other

Electronics – Audio, Phones, Televisions, Other

Gifts – For him, For her, For kids

Home – Bags, Bathroom, Cleaning, Décor, Furniture, Kitchen, Outside, Other

Personal Care – Other

Leisure – Sports Wear, Sports Equipment, Pet Supplies, Travel, Yoga, Other

Only popular in Canada, and there is no shipping.  In the USA it is called the Ebay Classifieds.

As with all the information in the Mall shipping information is not guaranteed.


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